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Please don't tell my coach. (Just kidding! Hey.)

I think this shirt probably applies to 99% of bloggers & probably people, in general. Wake up and run 8 miles, or pick out your favorite outfit to photograph and write about? Easy. 

Unless you're me, I guess. Then this shirt is just hilarious & ironic. Maybe I need to add a little "greater than or equal to" sign.... blogging  jogging?

Yesterday was my last high school track race, which is really sad, but I'm super lucky I get to keep running in college! If everything goes as planned, for the next four years I'll be doing a nice combination of both jogging and blogging (and studying Fashion & Textile Brand Management).

Can I do some advertising right now? I will. Too bad.
My next oldest sister (I'm 1 of 4. Think of me as the jelly in a PB&J sandwich) - she's the one from this post - is designing bralettes for Jawbreaking, which is where this shirt is from (thank you Aly ᵔ.ᵔ ) ,  and they're about to be SO AMAZING. I get sneak peeks of them because sister perks, but I can't wait for you all to check them out AND LOVE THEM. /end 

Nordstrom (BP.) hat | Jawbreaking top, HERE | TJMaxx skirt | Vintage scarf-belt-thing-idk | Forever 21 jellies | Target socks 


  1. Love your hat! xo

  2. I love your full outfit! x


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