Dropping our mixtape | Sister style

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In case you didn't know: I'm one of four girls in my family.
I've featured my two older siblings on my blog before, & my younger sister is almost always my unwilling photographer (LOVE YOU). She doesn't usually let me take pictures of her because it's "kinda weird." Touché, Nicole.

My sisters are awesome & so gorgeous, and we all have a lot in common besides our towering height (5'8 & up only, if you wanna join the fam). We can share all of our clothes, which comes in handy on the rare occasion we all get to reunite (aka, right now).

Somehow I got all of us to take these pictures, which I'm so obsessed with. We look like we're about to drop our new mixtape. Are we the new HAIM + 1, or just a group of weird sisters posing behind an abandoned Blockbuster? 
Please don't answer that. (All our outfit details are below, according to name!)
Left to right: Nicole, me, Olivia, Cara

Outfit details, as listed from left to right from the last picture

Nicole's wearing: Brandy Melville dress, Jack Rogers shoes, Stella and Dot necklace

I'm wearing: Urban Outfitters top, Express skort, Vintage jacket (around waist), Urban Outfitters socks, Forever 21 flatforms [I just bought these and they're beautiful and you should get some]

Olivia's wearing: Forever 21 romper, Converse sneakers

Cara's wearing: Warby Parker glasses, Mango shirt, Paige Denim shortalls, Target Birk-knockoffs


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