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I'm extra excited to say that I've got a new address where I'll be doing all my blogging and outfit posts from here on out:!

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A button down shirt as a skirt

If you're feeling a little déjà vu and think this skirt may be kinda familiar, it is.
It just got a little upgrade since last week's blog post with KatieI don't even remember the last time I wore this button down as an actual top, to be honest.

If you're getting bored with your classic button downs, wearing your shirt as a skirt is something kinda adventurous and new you should try (plus it means more bottoms + more validation for spending money on a new button down, amiright?).

Not to mention it screams both "8th grade DIY" and "I'm kinda fashionable, I guess." (see here: Alexander Wang)

A 50/50 chance you'll come out slightly cooler than before.

Nordstrom (BP) crop top | American Eagle shirt-as-skirt | Charming Charlie's hat | Target shoes | Forever 21 necklace

Rad, white, and blue

 Happy Fourth of July, America! 2015 years old, wow!!!???!  (that was a joke don't hate me please)

I got some pictures with my neighbor & awesome friend Katie for today! We even coordinated in some classic-navy-blue-and-white-America colors, because obviously you have to do that if you're going to take pics together, right?

I was so excited to be able to wear this dress! I sorta/maybe found it in my moms closet & stole it (she was in Disney World with my younger sister, who had a jump rope competition there. I'm the worst closet raider).

I'm pretty sure I'm missing some kind of string for the back of this dress, but I still love it as just a deep V with some cute lil loops hanging out there.

I'm wearing.... 
Vintage dress & bracelets | Thrifted hat | American Eagle jacket | Zara shoes

Katie's wearing....
Old Navy top | Forever 21 shorts | DSW shoes

Buckets of Fun

I found this hat on sale at Urban Outfitters over the weekend (only $10 yayyyyy) & simultaneously discovered that I'm actually sort of obsessed with wearing hats.

It's hard to tell from these semi-low quality iPhone photos--pooooooo, I know right?--but the bucket hat is this super cool tropical print that makes me feel like a tourist. And what else screams tourist like a shirt tied around your waist (and fanny packs, but I'm not ready for that jump yet)!

So basically the whole day I wore this I looked like the Rare Suburban Tourist, wandering through perfectly groomed neighborhoods and shopping centers (national chains only!!) as I admired the rest of the suburbanites in their natural habitat & golf-preppy clothes (not to be confused with goth-preppy, which would be something else entirely). 

Which leads me to the question, have you ever acted as a tourist in your own city? Maybe it would be fun. I could rent a Segway (not joking, I think they do that here).

Forever 21 shoes | Target shirt | Urban Outfitters bucket hat & shorts | Lancôme Rogue in Love lipstick | Nine West chambray button down

P.S. Have you seen Jurassic World yet? I'm about to maybe go see it for the second time later today. The entire movie all I can think about is how on EARTH is that woman running around in the dirt with heels on? And faster than a GIANT DINOSAUR?! I know the whole "recreated dinosaurs" thing is unrealistic itself, but seriously--THE HEELS. Ugh.

Dropping our mixtape | Sister style

In case you didn't know: I'm one of four girls in my family.
I've featured my two older siblings on my blog before, & my younger sister is almost always my unwilling photographer (LOVE YOU). She doesn't usually let me take pictures of her because it's "kinda weird." Touché, Nicole.

My sisters are awesome & so gorgeous, and we all have a lot in common besides our towering height (5'8 & up only, if you wanna join the fam). We can share all of our clothes, which comes in handy on the rare occasion we all get to reunite (aka, right now).

Somehow I got all of us to take these pictures, which I'm so obsessed with. We look like we're about to drop our new mixtape. Are we the new HAIM + 1, or just a group of weird sisters posing behind an abandoned Blockbuster? 
Please don't answer that. (All our outfit details are below, according to name!)
Left to right: Nicole, me, Olivia, Cara

Outfit details, as listed from left to right from the last picture

Nicole's wearing: Brandy Melville dress, Jack Rogers shoes, Stella and Dot necklace

I'm wearing: Urban Outfitters top, Express skort, Vintage jacket (around waist), Urban Outfitters socks, Forever 21 flatforms [I just bought these and they're beautiful and you should get some]

Olivia's wearing: Forever 21 romper, Converse sneakers

Cara's wearing: Warby Parker glasses, Mango shirt, Paige Denim shortalls, Target Birk-knockoffs