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If you're wondering what suits me, it's my grandma.
This was her suit, at least.

For our last week of high school (congrats class of 2015!), we had a school spirit week that obviously no one but I participated in. One of the themes was dress to impress, and I found this slightly-too-short vintage pant suit combo, scrambled out of the depths of my mother's closet, to be pretty impressive.

If I had to describe my feelings about these clothes, I would say I felt like a powerful Amazonian businesswoman, towering over the shorter and less-impressively dressed peers who decided to forgo spirit week and instead don their classic, laid back Norts/Jack Rogers combination.
It was a pretty sweet feeling, if you can disregard the fact that wearing heels all day in school gave me huge blisters.

Oh well.

Vintage Albert Nipon pant suit | TJMaxx heels | Vintage necklace (similar) | Topshop crop top


  1. your grandma's clothing looks amazing on you! you do look like a fierce business woman and I love the crop top too! :)

    Metallic Paws


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