Pant perSUEDEtion

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I bought some suede culottes from H&M and honestly fell in love.
I can assure you they feel like a soft heaven on my legs, and I feel like someone who probably just rode into town on a horse in an old western movie.
That would count as a win-win situation, in my book.

I specifically remember getting dressed the morning I put this on.  It was last Sunday, while still in the city. I was glancing into the hotel mirror after stealing my mother's denim jacket.

What was initially a panicked "Oh god, I look like a cowgirl..." reaction turned into a much more pleased "Oh yes, I look like a cowgirl" after a few moments of intensive outfit scrutinization.

When life presents you suede culottes, you buy them and you wear them.
Trust me on this one.

H&M culottes | Forever 21 top | Converse shoes | Vintage jacket (similar at ASOS

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