Four tips for winter to spring transition

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Unfortunately, just because it’s spring according to the calendar doesn’t mean it’s warm enough to pack away all the cold weather clothes that have been hogging your closet space.
I’ve put together my best tips for conquering the cold weather while still appreciating your favorite spring fashion trends (cough, right here, cough).

Wear all your spring clothes at once. Seriously.
Layering is, by far, the best defense against a chilly spring day. Denim or a lightweight bomber jacket is a good choice for outerwear to keep you warm while staying in line with spring. Not into jackets? No big deal: don’t forget that you can layer underneath your favorite spring tops and dresses as well.

Don’t shy away from color and patterns.
Reintroducing color to your wardrobe is an easy way to visually radiate spring. Long pants and a jacket say winter. Long, printed pants (maybe cuffed a little bit with some floral socks underneath) and a hot pink jacket? Definitely springtime territory.

Keep your sweaters on hand (or on body, I guess).
A chunky knit sweater is one of the best transitional spring pieces you can have. This season, instead of pairing it with your winter pants and jackets, try showing off your legs and layering it over a floral dress or skirt. Temperature permitting, you can even roll up your sleeves (so daring, right?).

Wear your Birkenstocks with pride, not cold toes.
Trying to break out your favorite spring shoes again? Layering works with feet, too--according to Man Repeller (long live!), it’s never too soon to wear sandals so long as you pair them with your favorite socks. Wooly socks for the extra chilly days, and slightly thinner ones for when the weather hits the 50/60s is perfectly acceptable. Don’t worry too much about the shoe you choose: socks and sandals, socks and heels, socks and wedges, socks and Birkenstocks… if you think it’s ok, it’s probably ok. And if it’s not ok, who cares? Your feet are cold, you like socks, and you like spring shoes--why not solve all these things at once?

What’s your best tip for transitioning into springtime?

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  1. I love a good sandal and sock combo! We're transitioning from summer to autumn here in Australia, and I cannot wait for layering!
    - Amanda x


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