Another NYC Blonde

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High school running nationals are hosted in New York City every year, and this past weekend was my very last trip to the city for the event.

 I pretty much get triple the experience, since (a) I get to participate in my favorite sport with some super fast people, (b) I leave school to go to one of the coolest cities, and (c) my oldest sister lives in NYC, so I get to spend time with her!

Because I'm me and I do these kind of things, I forced her to let me take pictures of her outfit to feature them on the blog.

I definitely consider her fully transformed into a real New Yorker.
She wore black every single day I was with herand if that doesn't say New York City, then I don't know what does.


 Free People jacket | Zara pants | C. Wonder sweater | Olivia and Joy purse | Zara boots

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