Guess that reference?

3:42 PM Theresa 3 Comments

Fun fact about me: I'm actually kinda scared of butterflies.
There's this certain show that I watched as a kid (errrr and maybe teenager and maybe currently) and I totally tried to base these pictures off of the specific episode that inspired that fear.
10 points for you if you can guess it!

Anyways, when I saw this shirt online at ASOS I just felt like I really was destined to buy it. If you can't face your fears you may as well wear them, right?

 Forever 21 Jacket | ASOS shirt | Nordstrom jeans | Kohls booties


  1. Such a cute top! Love the whole scene! So beautiful! :)

  2. Its a Butterfly! Anyways you look so cool in your look here <3

  3. Your style is perfect. I love that shirt.




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