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I'm pretty sure cutting your hair is like an addiction. 
Three years ago, I told myself that I was going to grow my hair out and have a long flowing lion's mane and it would be great and I'd be Rapunzel, etc, etc... and now, this. My hair is super short, and I got bayalage (apparently it's pronounced bah-lay-ahhhh-chh, correct me if I'm wrong) highlights that make my hair looks super blonde, although you can't really tell in this picture. 

Now lets take a moment of appreciation for this super long ASOS jacket my sister bought me. I'm wearing a pair of way too short Urban Outfitter shorts underneath it, and you can't even tell. It's a beautiful thing. I need more long jackets.

A side note: I'm going to Portland, Oregon (Nike Headquarters) on Wednesday to run in a national race with my cross country team! That means lots of new (*cough* free *cough*) Nike clothes and shoes. Heck yeah. I've been told "pics or it didn't happen" so I might need to make a blog post about it.

And finally, the outfit.

 Jacket ASOS | Crop top (...semi-pictured) Forever 21 | Booties Kohls

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