Musings about a skirt

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     If an article of clothing has french seams (i.e., sewn so you can't see the bottom stitches on the outside), I automatically like it 1000 times more. A prime example is this gorgeous ASOS skirt I bought a while back. It's super crisp and completely wonderful, and obviously I can't leave it behind in the colder months just because of the whole "no white after Labor Day" thing (see: the White Witch of Narnia. Yes.). I think a solid 50% of the time, white in the winter sort of makes you look like an ice pixie. I'm a fan of ice pixies. The other 50% of the time I'm not sure what you look like but I can assure you it's something cool.

     I decided to counteract my spring-y skirt with a comfy, oversized UO sweater and some nice warm mustard yellow socks. I love socks. 
     Added bonus: My sister caught a leaf mid-fall in the first picture. Feel free to admire it as you scroll through.

 Sweater Urban Outfitters | Skirt ASOS | Headband Urban Outfitters | Booties Target 


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