Using my dog as an accessory

12:31 PM Theresa 3 Comments

My outfit of the day for today! This crop top reminds me of Kylie Jenner. All I need is her sick blue hair and goddess-like looks. I think I want to just wear crop tops and jean shorts all year long.

I'm really sad you can't see my shoes in the grass, they're super rad. I like to think of them as my ugly nurse loafers (no offense, nurses! You rock!). Ugly shoes are my favorite.

My puppy also decided to join in on my outfit pictures today. She's also wearing her own stylish pieces for the pictures. A sweet pink bandana and a totally 90s grunge choker (aka, her collar). She's a babe.

 Top: Hurley | Shorts: Vintage Levi's | Shoes: Cynthia Rowley


  1. These photos are great! :) Love your blog!
    Jeffrey Chung

  2. You're adorable Reese- and so is maya! I like your blog I just read through prom post :)


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