Rad, white, and blue

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 Happy Fourth of July, America! 2015 years old, wow!!!???!  (that was a joke don't hate me please)

I got some pictures with my neighbor & awesome friend Katie for today! We even coordinated in some classic-navy-blue-and-white-America colors, because obviously you have to do that if you're going to take pics together, right?

I was so excited to be able to wear this dress! I sorta/maybe found it in my moms closet & stole it (she was in Disney World with my younger sister, who had a jump rope competition there. I'm the worst closet raider).

I'm pretty sure I'm missing some kind of string for the back of this dress, but I still love it as just a deep V with some cute lil loops hanging out there.

I'm wearing.... 
Vintage dress & bracelets | Thrifted hat | American Eagle jacket | Zara shoes

Katie's wearing....
Old Navy top | Forever 21 shorts | DSW shoes


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