A button down shirt as a skirt

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If you're feeling a little déjà vu and think this skirt may be kinda familiar, it is.
It just got a little upgrade since last week's blog post with KatieI don't even remember the last time I wore this button down as an actual top, to be honest.

If you're getting bored with your classic button downs, wearing your shirt as a skirt is something kinda adventurous and new you should try (plus it means more bottoms + more validation for spending money on a new button down, amiright?).

Not to mention it screams both "8th grade DIY" and "I'm kinda fashionable, I guess." (see here: Alexander Wang)

A 50/50 chance you'll come out slightly cooler than before.

Nordstrom (BP) crop top | American Eagle shirt-as-skirt | Charming Charlie's hat | Target shoes | Forever 21 necklace

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  1. Love your hair! The skirt is amazing .



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