White sandals + White coat

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Last summer, I fell into an unrequited love with Birkenstocks. 
They were hideous and wonderful. They were equally loved by my dad and my favorite fashion bloggers. They were my perfect ugly shoe, but they were too expensive for me to justify buying.

Flash forward to this spring. I'm browsing Instagram (follow me, yo! @fashiontoa.t), anda miracleI happen to find someone wearing a cheap knock-off Target version. And oh my goodness, I WAS SO UP FOR THAT. 

$25 for these white babies, and they're not just a piece of cardboard! No real Birks, I'm sure, but they're actually pretty comfy (I've worn them at least 4 times this week, so I can accurately vouch for this).

Here's one way I styled them this week! (This outfit also acted as a fix for wearing this way-too-short Free People dress that I splurged on last year. *insert crying cat emoji* I couldn't even tell you if I got taller or the dress shrank. Both are pretty likely, in my case.)

 Free People dress | Forever 21 jacket | Indigo Rein (TJMaxx) jeans, cuffed | Forever 21 button down | Target shoes | Charming Charlie's ring

Guess what else? I bought my prom dress today from my favorite consignment shop. $38, and it's pretty killer (and no one else will have it!).


  1. Such cute look dear....

  2. I love this look, and your hair bun is cute :)


  3. Super cute outfit!


  4. Quite simple and perfect look, dear! Love the sandals ;)

    Love, Maria

  5. Gosh, you look so simple but so cute! I love it! Your coat is wonderful <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'


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