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On Monday, my friend Maddie at The Gilded Guru and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and took some outfit pictures for our blogs.
I'm a wimp, so I always seek out a secluded area (examples include behind an abandoned Blockbuster and in my backyard when no neighbors are watching) to take pictures, but this day we literally took pics in the middle of a shopping area, and I loved how they turned out.

The theme for the day ended up being "textures."
 I was wearing some leather, fake suede & denim, and a wicker (??) hat.
Maddie had on a pair of perfect suede shorts and a shirt with embroidered detailing on the front.


 Vintage hat | Kohls booties | Forever 21 skirt | Vintage top | Topshop necklace | American Eagle chambray top (yes #4real)

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 You should check out The Gilded Guru to see Maddie's style (she's also pretty much a professional thrifter and amazing artist)!


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