Sideways + backwards through time + space

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If you follow me on any social media (twitter | instagram), you'll know that I went on an adventure yesterday!

Two friends and I drove to downtown Raleigh (the NC capital, for those who don't know) to go check out the history and science museums--although, to be honest, we spent like 10 minutes in the history building before crossing the road to check out space and dinosaur exhibits. There's a butterfly room at the museum with real live butterflies, but it was unfortunately closed when we arrived. It would have made for some awesome pictures.

One of the best parts of today was the fact that in every single one of my pictures, my dress was on backwards. How do I wear a dress backwards all day and take pictures in it without noticing? I'm not sure. I did it though, and I guess I'm kind of not surprised.

Jacket ASOS | Dress Free People | Socks Urban Outfitters | Shoes Kohls (similar)

The jackets on mega sale right now ($103 to $45)! I totally recommend it if you're looking for a coat. It's incredibly warm, and is perfectly huge. The only downside is that the red one I have is definitely more of an orange--you've been warned. :)

HAPPY NEW YEAR (almost)!

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