Hello, Summer Concerts: Grouplove + Vampire Weekend

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It's an undeniable fact that summer is the high schoolers dream. What more could a 17 year old want with her life? Binge watching Netflix, eating frozen yogurt any & all times possible, and finally being able to wear a favorite crop top and short shorts without too much opposition (although I will say, rocking a belly shirt in a southern, sorority-preppy, suburban town DOES get me just a few judgmental stares).

Basically, summer is my excuse for slacking on blogging. I've been busy, you know? Leaving copious episodes of "Lie To Me" unwatched seems....cruel.
***Side note, I'm now accepting new Netflix series to consider. Please. Help me. I just keep rewatching old Doctor Who's ("Doomsday" is always too soon).

Besides all of my Netflix-ing, I actually have been doing some things. I wanted, mostly, to share with you guys some updates from two concerts I was lucky enough to go to!


The Grouplove concert was the best I've ever been to. Granted, I've only ever been to four concerts in my short life and one of them was Clay Aiken, but seriously. It was in this tiny, very personal venue and I was literally right in front of them. They had so much energy, and by the end the entire crowd was just as sweaty and disgusting as them. Sounds gross, but in the moment, I promise, it was awesome. My friends originally only agreed to go with me so I wouldn't be alone, but by the end they were thanking me for inviting them. That is how good it was. Go. Find the nearest Grouplove concert.
The concert outfit. Classic "does-this-look-okay???!!!?" picture sent to my friends. Also I didn't brush my hair, but at least I'm showered, right? (Shorts, Bralette from Urban. Crop from F21)


Vampire Weekend
(Favorites: Step, Hannah Hunt Diane Young)

A good concert, and I definitely don't regret buying tickets. Being in the pit was really fun, I was 4-8 rows back from the stage. Ezra sounds (and looks) fabulous live. I got to the show 3-ish hours early, and it was totally worth it. If you go to a concert, I recommend finding where the bassist, Chris Baio, is standing so you can watch him dance. He kills it, really. If I had to do it all over again, I would stand right in front of him. 
My "does-it-even-look-like-I'm-going-to-a-concert" face. I told you, my friends must always approve my concert outfits. I'm not sure why. (Skort from Express. Top is "One Clothing" but I have no clue what that even is, heeyyyy TJMaxx.)

 (I know, I know. That quality. But also, that camo...)

What's been your favorite concert? Who is your favorite band? And more importantly, do you have any Netflix recommendations for me?!


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