Mom jeans and pink

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At first I was against the normcore-inspired mom jean, but to be honest they've grown on me.
I'm sort of a sucker for semi ugly things (exhibit A, my lovely PT Cruiser), so I'm not completely surprised I've turned around.

I bought this sweet pair at a Goodwill, so (1) they actually could be real mom jeans. Like, from off a mom. That makes me authentic or something, right? And (2) I am the worst thrift shopper ever, so the fact that these fit me is a miracle that needed to be taken advantage of.

I played up my momma pants by styling them with a pair of hot pink heels and a wrinkly-but-really-close-to-matching shirt.

If a Vintage Mom Barbie were a thing, I feel like it would look a bit like this.

Thrifted jeans (similar) | Urban Outfitters shift dress (worn as top) | Paprika shoes | Vintage button up | Charming Charlie sunglasses

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