There's snow way this is a bad pun

7:11 PM Theresa 2 Comments

The south doesn't handle snow very well.
It was a bit icy on the roads recently, so I've been out of school almost all week.

To fight the cold (while wearing a skirt...), I went with my black over the knee boots and a really puffy scarf to keep warm. I also decided it was a good day to rock the man bun. My relationship with the man bun is a rocky one--although I kind of do hate it, it reminds me of Mulan and my hair options are kind of limited ever since I chopped off all my locks.
You do what you can.

Target sweater | Target skirt |  Vintage jacket (similar: ASOS) | Target scarf | Rack room boots (here

I'm apparently very Target today. I'll refrain from adding yet another bad pun to this post.


  1. love the vintage jacket, it looks amazing with this outfit!

  2. Great combination! I love you outfit! How I wish I could wear clothes in layers without sweating here in my place. ;)


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