Weeping Wednesdays

3:48 PM Theresa 2 Comments

The weather today was insane.
Most of the day it wasn't really all that rainy, but all these tornados and bad thunderstorms were supposed to hit, which freaked everyone out. When I woke up, I concluded that today was a perfect day to match my outfit with the dismal weather predictions. 

All black outfits are my favorite. It's hard to see details (because...black) but I've got on a basic top tucked into a black skirt, plus a black cardigan around my waist to tie the outfit together. Pun intended.

Anyways. I didn't want to scare my classmates too much, so I paired the look with my sister's white sneakers and some white nail polish.

target top here || old skirt || H&M cardigan || kenneth cole purse  


  1. Cute look! So adorable!


  2. thank you for your comment! great, simple look! kisses! check out new post on my blog :) maybe we can follow each oither?



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